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The Help for Heroes Road Trip started in 2010 with the idea of taking in some of "The best driving roads in Europe" whilst raising money for a worthwhile charity.


The basics of the event is to drive/ride a minimum of 5 miles for each service person who have lost their lives in Afghanistan since the recent troubles have started. However, this year there are a couple of differences between the way the event will be running, the main one being people will be travelling as individuals rather than in convoy and to make it a little more interesting it will be ran along the "Gumball Rally" type rulings. Each person will set off at a different time, only slight, and will make their way to a check point or end of leg location. The winner of each leg will be decided upon how close you are to the time taken to cover the distance sticking at the speed limit on all roads, on the route decided by the admin staff, this is not going to be disclosed at any stage. This means everyone has a chance of winning each leg and the overall event, each of which will have a small prize attached.


There will be a small entrance charge per vehicle to cover these costs and the remainder will be placed directly into the Charity fund. The intended route will see us take in some of the most famous tracks and driving routes around central Europe, these include:-



- Le Mans


- Monaco


- Stelvio Pass


- Grossglockener Pass


- Hockenheim Circuit


- The Nurburgring






Everyone, in addition to the entrance fee will be asked to raise sponsorship money for H4H and the RBL and place it in the groups "Virgin Money Giving" account, linked directly from your own account, this will then give us our final amount at the end of the trip, there may also be a charity auction the last night as some companies give items rather than money as sponsorship.


For your entrance fee I will also be looking at getting a "Road Trip" sticker/decal produced to show your entrance number, which will reflect in future events and that you are competing. You will also be able to purchase sponsors stickers/decals to decorate your vehicles with at cost price (as per the cars in the gallery). All of this is just preliminary at the moment but if you do have questions about anything please post it up in the forum or email Mick at [email protected] and I'll do my best to answer them!!


I look forward to seeing you all come August 2012


Rally for Heroes 2012

'Race For Recognition'